Motivational Talks

Are you in search of an extraordinary and enlightening motivational speaking engagement centred around emotional intelligence for your upcoming corporate event? Look no further!

Richard Cullinan, a distinguished authority on EQ with a wealth of 16 years of experience, is committed to unleashing the inherent emotional intelligence potential within individuals. Richard employs a transformative and unparalleled approach to emotional intelligence, enabling individuals and leaders to nurture self-awareness, cultivate self-management skills, foster social awareness, and develop relationship management abilities. These essential skills ensure personal and professional success.

As the visionary founder of Eq4me and a published author, Richard Cullinan has garnered global acclaim for his groundbreaking contributions to the development of emotional intelligence.
If you desire to empower your staff with profound self-knowledge and unwavering self-confidence by harnessing their EQ, you can secure Richard for a motivational talk tailored to your specific requirements and event theme.

Kindly complete the enquiry form below and we will promptly reach out to you to arrange a meeting. During our discussion, we will delve into the details of your event and explore how Richard can assist your knowledge workers, professionals, and leaders in unlocking their true potential.