EQ lite

6 x 90-minute sessions with Richard on Zoom over 6 weeks (12h00-13h30 SAST)

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Includes EQ Masterclass eLearning Series valued at R1 499 and 30 EQ Strategies that will change your life! eBook by Richard Cullinan

Unlock your Emotional Intelligence to transform your life

Unleash your hidden potential as you embark on a journey that will revolutionise the way you think and the way you manage your emotions. Develop your emotional self-awareness and self-management skills. Master the art of social awareness and be empowered to cultivate meaningful and valuable relationships. Ignite the fire within you so that you can propel yourself forward and achieve personal and professional success in your life.

EQ lite is offered either as a virtual or in person course:

  • 1 ½ day in person or virtual course
  • 6 x 3-hour virtual sessions on Zoom or teams over 6 weeks

When you enrol for EQ lite, you will receive your EQ Masterclass eLearning Series valued @ R1 499 which is on our eLearning platform and includes a series of 6 EQ Masterclasses. Enjoy the 5 hours of engaging video lectures, life-changing exercises, and highly researched reading material that will help you take your EQ to the next level!

EQ lite overview of the 90 minutes in person or virtual sessions:

Session 1: What is my EQ? Unlock the Power of Your Emotional Intelligence

  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • Why is it so important in your personal and work life?
  • Analyse your EQ assessment results and receive valuable feedback.
  • Choose 3 key EQ development areas you would like to work on during the course.
  • Discover your own RMMA change model.
  • Set your EQ goals as the results you want to achieve on the course.
  • Includes slides and videos.

Session 2: Self-Awareness: Unlock Your True Potential

  • What is self-awareness?
  • Get a birds-eye view of your 5 core emotions and the 80 emotions related to your core emotions.
  • Choose 3 unpleasant emotions that tend to repeat themselves in your life to begin the process of revealing your triggers.
  • Learn a new way of thinking to counteract the negative effects of these repeating emotions.
  • Why do affirmations work?
  • Includes slides and videos.

Session 3: Self-Management: Learn How to Manage Your Emotions

  • Learn how our brains work and why managing your emotions well can make you more agile in your thinking.
  • Learn how much your sleep, exercise, and diet contribute to your emotional wellbeing.
  • Learn mindful and practical techniques to deal with worry, anxiety, stress, anger, your impulses, and emotional reactivity.
  • Learn how to manage your intense emotions in the moment.
  • Includes slides and videos.

Session 4: Social Awareness: Thrive in Every Interaction!

  • What is social awareness?
  • Learn about the roots of empathy and why empathy is the foundational social awareness skill.
  • Learn how to read body language and tone of voice.
  • Develop your understanding and practice of social etiquette.
  • Learn how to make a great first impression and have a good conversation with people you meet for the first time.
  • Learn how to create the happiness you want in your life by changing your thinking.
  • Includes slides and videos.

Session 5: Relationship Management: Transform Your Connections

  • Take the love languages quiz to understand how you like to be loved and appreciated.
  • Learn how to build trust with the people you live and work with.
  • Understand the 8 main causes of conflict.
  • Learn how to navigate between two opposing viewpoints.
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback effectively.
  • Understand how people respond emotionally to change so that you can implement change with a lot more sensitivity and fairness.
  • Includes slides and video animations.

Session 6: Self-Motivation: Ignite Your Inner Drive!

  • Complete our personality assessment to understand your intrinsic motivations.
  • Understand what motivates people externally and take stock of your own external motivations.
  • Assess whether you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.
  • Learn how to develop a growth mindset.
  • Build a vision statement for your life.
  • Includes slides and video animations.

Enrol in EQ lite today and unlock the insights and skills you need to transform your emotional wellbeing, achieve personal and professional success, and have meaningful relationships with the people you live with and work with.

CPD and eq4me Certification

To qualify for your EQ lite CPD Certificate of Attendance you will need to attend all 6 virtual or in-person training sessions, which account for 9 hours of CPD (9 points).

To increase your CPD hours by another 18 hours you will need to get 70% or more in your written assessment at the end of your EQ Masterclass eLearning Series.

If you attend all your sessions and achieve a 70% pass in your eLearning series, you will receive your EQ lite CPD Certificate of Attendance(27 hours/27 points) and your EQ lite Certificate of Comptency from eq4me.

Why you and your company should invest in our EQ lite programme

In today’s world, emotional intelligence (EQ) is more than just a beneficial skill—it’s essential for anyone, at any age, looking to succeed in their personal and professional lives. Whether you’re sixteen or sixty, our EQ lite programme is designed to teach you the core competencies of EQ through engaging, interactive sessions that cater to both individuals and organizations.

Many people experience challenges that stem from low EQ, such as difficulty managing anxiety, stress, poor communication skills, and conflicts in relationships. These issues can affect anyone, from students and entry-level employees to seasoned professionals and senior citizens. The EQ lite programme addresses these common challenges in a friendly, accessible format, helping participants foster a positive and supportive environment around them.

Our in person and online sessions focus on enhancing self-awareness and emotional self-regulation, social awareness and building healthy relationships as well as self-motivation, all of which are key to improving your interactions with others and reducing stress in your life. After spending 9 hours with us online or in person and having access to your EQ Masterclass eLearning resources and eBook, you will start to see changes in how you handle your emotions, leading to clearer communication and better relationships, both at home and at work.

For companies, offering this programme to your staff can lead to a happier, more cooperative workplace. After your staff attend this programme, you will notice a boost in morale and productivity as employees become more empathetic and effective in their roles. For schools and wellness programs, our EQ lite course will provide essential life skills that help participants lead healthier and fulfilling lives.

By investing in your emotional intelligence through our EQ lite course, you’re setting yourself on a path to personal growth and improved well-being. This course is all about making the powerful principles and practices of EQ accessible to everyone, enhancing your ability to navigate the complexities of life with confidence and poise.

Enrol in our EQ Lite course today and begin transforming your emotional skills into your greatest assets. It’s time to unlock your potential and achieve greater happiness and success in every aspect of your life.

Whether you’re sixteen or sixty, this is the EQ course for you!