EQ Masterclass eLearning Series

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Transform Your Emotional Wellbeing 

Unleash your hidden potential as you embark on a journey that will revolutionise the way you think and the way you manage your emotions. Develop your emotional self-awareness and self-management skills. Master the art of social awareness and be empowered to cultivate meaningful and valuable relationships. Ignite the fire within you so that you can propel yourself forward and achieve personal and professional success in your life. 

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary chance to unlock the key to your ultimate growth and fulfilment at home and at work. Enrol today and witness the remarkable transformation that awaits you!

TheEQ Masterclass eLearning Series,which gives you your own student account on our online school, includes a series of 6 EQ Masterclasses. Enjoy engaging video lectures, life changing exercises, and highly researched reading material that will help you take your EQ to the next level! 

At the end of your eLearning course, you will come to your written assessment. This part is entirely optional but wholeheartedly advisable. If you submit your written assessment, which tests your knowledge and understanding of EQ based on the learning material in this course, we will mark your assessment and return it to you with assessment notes. If you attain a 70% pass mark you will be awarded your EQ Masterclass eLearning Series Certificate of Competency which will be uploaded to your student account on our eLearning platform.

Course Overview:

Begin your journey towards emotional mastery with our EQ Masterclass eLearning Series. This is your opportunity to enhance your emotional wellbeing, master the art of balance and self-control, and cultivate lasting, meaningful relationships. Our series offers more than just knowledge—it's an invitation to transform your life. Immerse yourself in a learning experience that empowers you to apply Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in dynamic ways, fostering a profound shift in how you perceive, interact, and thrive in every aspect of your life.Understanding and harnessing EQ is vital, as it accounts for nearly 60% of performance in various job roles. By enrolling in our EQ Masterclass eLearning Series, you're not just learning; you're investing in yourself. We provide you with not only insights but also actionable skills and practical tools essential for developing your EQ. This development is the key to unlocking your potential in personal growth, social interaction, and professional advancement.Take the step today to transform your life. Embrace the change that comes with heightened Emotional Intelligence. Let our EQ Masterclass eLearning Series be the catalyst for a more fulfilled, balanced, and successful you in both personal and professional realms. Enrol now and start your journey towards becoming an emotionally intelligent, dynamic individual.