EQ Masterclass Series

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Transform Your Emotional Wellbeing 

Unleash your hidden potential as you embark on a journey that will revolutionise the way you think and the way you manage your emotions. Develop your emotional self-awareness and self-management skills. Master the art of social awareness and be empowered to cultivate meaningful and valuable relationships. Ignite the fire within you so that you can propel yourself forward and achieve personal and professional success in your life. 

Our in person and virtual EQ Masterclass Series is offered in the following formats:

  • 3-day in person course 
  • 3-day virtual course on Zoom or Teams
  • 6 x 3-hour virtual sessions on Zoom or Teams over 6 weeks

    When you enrol for this in person or virtual programme, you will receive your EQ Masterclass eLearning Series valued @ R1 499 which is on our eLearning platform and includes a series of 6 EQ Masterclasses. Enjoy the engaging video lectures, life-changing exercises, and highly researched reading material that will help you take your EQ to the next level!

    Course Overview:

    CPD and eq4me Certification

    To qualify for your CPD Certificate of Attendance you will need to attend all 6 virtual or in-person training sessions, which account for 18 hours of CPD (18 points). 

    To increase your CPD hours by another 18 hours you will need to get 70% or more in your written assessment at the end of your EQ Masterclass eLearning Series

    If you attend all your sessions and achieve a 70% pass in your eLearning series, you will receive your CPD Certificate of Attendance (36 hours/36 points) and your eq4me Certificate of Comptency.

    Why Your Company Should Invest in our EQ Masterclass Series

    In the dynamic landscape of today's business world, the need for emotional intelligence (EQ) goes beyond mere advantage—it's essential. Many organizations face challenges that stem from low EQ among their staff, leading to barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential. Our EQ Masterclass Series offers transformative solutions to these pervasive issues.

    A common pain point for many companies is high employee turnover, often the result of poor conflict management, ineffective communication, and a negative work environment—all symptoms of low EQ. This negative cycle not only dampens morale but also escalates operational costs associated with recruiting and training new staff. Our course directly addresses these issues, equipping your team with the emotional tools to foster a positive, supportive work atmosphere, thereby enhancing retention.

    Moreover, unmanaged emotions can significantly hinder focus and productivity. Employees grappling with emotional regulation may find themselves easily distracted by interpersonal conflicts or unable to collaborate effectively, which in turn affects your bottom line. The EQ Masterclass Series helps staff improve their emotional control, boosting focus and collaborative efforts across your organization.

    Customer service quality is another critical area impacted by EQ. Employees lacking in empathy and communication skills might struggle to connect with customers or manage challenging service situations effectively. Our training enhances these vital skills, ensuring that every customer interaction is handled with care and professionalism.

    Additionally, unresolved emotional issues can lead to increased HR burdens, including more complaints and conflicts, requiring extensive time and resources to manage. By fostering a healthier emotional workplace, our course reduces the workload on your HR team, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives rather than conflict resolution.

    Speaking of benefits, our program is designed to transform not just individual contributors but entire teams. By teaching staff about self-awareness, emotional regulation, and communication, we enhance their ability to resolve conflicts constructively. This leads to stronger, more cohesive working relationships. Similarly, with better empathy and listening skills, your team can anticipate and meet customer needs more effectively, improving overall service experiences and satisfaction.

    Investing in our EQ Masterclass Series sets your company on a path to success. Enhanced emotional intelligence leads to improved morale, higher employee retention, better productivity, and superior customer service. Equip your team with the emotional tools to thrive amid complexity and change.

    Reach out to us today so that you can turn your people’s potential into outstanding performance.