Leading with Emotional Intelligence Series

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Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Discover the power of emotional intelligence and embark on a transformative journey that will revolutionize your leadership abilities. This course is designed to help you develop crucial skills in emotional self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management and self-motivation. By mastering these skills, you will unlock your hidden leadership potential, achieve personal and professional success, and cultivate meaningful connections with your team members and colleagues. 

As a leader, your potential for success lies not only in your technical skills but also in your ability to navigate and manage emotions, both within yourself and among those you lead. Leading with Emotional Intelligence is a transformative course designed to empower leaders like you with the essential skills to excel in today's dynamic and people-centred business landscape.

Our in person and virtual Leading with Emotional Intelligence Series is offered in the following formats:

  • 3-day in person course
  • 3-day virtual course on Zoom or Teams
  • 6 x 3-hour virtual sessions on Zoom or Teams over 6 weeks

    When you enrol for this in person or virtual programme, you will receive your Leading with Emotional Intelligence eLearning Series‎ valued @ R1 499 which is on our eLearning platform and includes a series of 6 EQ Masterclasses. Enjoy the engaging video lectures, life-changing exercises, and highly researched reading material that will help you take your leadership abilities the next level! 

    Course Overview:

    CPD and eq4me Certification

    To qualify for your CPD Certificate of Attendance you will need to attend all 6 virtual or in-person training sessions, which account for 18 hours of CPD (18 points). 

    To increase your CPD hours by another 18 hours you will need to get 70% or more in your written assessment at the end of your Leading with Emotional Intelligence eLearning Series

    If you attend all your sessions and achieve a 70% pass in your eLearning series, you will receive your CPD Certificate of Attendance (36 hours/36 points) and your eq4me Certificate of Comptency.   

    Why Your Company Should Invest in our Leading with Emotional Intelligence Series

    In the fast-paced and complex business environment of today, emotional intelligence (EQ) is not just beneficial—it's a critical asset for leadership. The challenges arising from low EQ among leaders can significantly hinder an organization's growth and operational efficacy. Our Leading with Emotional Intelligence Series is tailored specifically for supervisors, team leaders, managers, senior managers, executives, and directors, offering targeted solutions to elevate their leadership capabilities.

    Leadership challenges often manifest as high employee turnover, primarily due to inadequate conflict management, poor communication, and a lack of supportive leadership—all of which are indicators of low EQ. Such challenges not only reduce morale but also drive up costs related to recruitment and training. Our program addresses these issues head-on by equipping leaders with essential emotional tools to create a positive and nurturing work environment, which enhances staff retention and stability.

    Moreover, at the leadership level, unmanaged emotions can drastically affect strategic focus and decision-making. Leaders struggling with emotional regulation may find their teams caught in unnecessary conflicts or inefficiencies, directly impacting the organization's bottom line. The Leading with Emotional Intelligence Series focuses on improving leaders' emotional control, thereby enhancing their ability to lead effectively and maintain productivity even in challenging situations.

    The quality of customer interactions also relies heavily on the EQ of your leaders. Leaders who lack empathy and adept communication skills might fail to foster strong customer relationships or handle complex service scenarios well. Our training sharpens these crucial skills, ensuring that leaders can guide their teams in providing exceptional customer service.

    Additionally, unresolved emotional issues at the leadership level can escalate into broader HR challenges, including frequent conflicts and increased complaints, which consume substantial time and resources. By promoting a healthier emotional climate, our course alleviates the burden on HR departments, allowing them to concentrate on more strategic initiatives rather than constant firefighting.

    Our program doesn't just transform individual leaders; it revolutionizes how they interact with their teams and peers. By fostering self-awareness, emotional regulation, and improved communication, we empower leaders to manage conflicts constructively and nurture robust, effective teams. Enhanced empathy and listening skills also enable leaders to better understand and meet the needs of both customers and their teams, leading to improved service outcomes and team satisfaction.

    Investing in our Leading with Emotional Intelligence Series positions your company for success, with stronger leadership, improved morale, enhanced retention, and increased productivity. Equip your leaders with the emotional intelligence tools they need to excel in today's dynamic business environment.

    Contact us today to start transforming your organization's leadership capabilities and witness the remarkable change in performance and productivity.

    “I think everyone on this email will say the same, you have made a huge impact in our lives.”
    Sharon Unwin, Operations Manager, Great Plains Conservation

    Richard is one of the best trainers in the country. People are highly motivated when they leave the training.”
    Toniel Marais, Team Leader, Nedbank

    “My best trainer so far! Very empowering, motivational, and great content delivery.”
    Arthur Simba, Learning and Development Manager, Barclays

    “Outstanding facilitator, really brilliant!”
    Gerald Ndlovu, Training Manager, South African Institute of Chartered Accountants

    “The Leading with Emotional Intelligence programme proved to be an excellent experience for me, my family, and my business. Sometimes in life, we think, “if only I had known that, then I could have handled myself better or made effective decisions.” Authentic, unforced, and expertly coached by Richard Cullinan, the Leading with Emotional Intelligence programme led me through well-structured exercises and discussions. Always supported by thoroughly researched reading materials. A timely nudge to anyone who is curious about extending their capabilities. The programme is changing the course of my future in a very sensible way.”
    Stephen W, Business Owner, United Kingdom

    “There is no doubt in my mind that Emotional Intelligence training is something that every individual and workplace should embrace. Once again, I would like to thank you for this fascinating journey. I am so delighted and honoured to have met you.”
    Hala S, Business Owner, Lebanon 

    “I took the Leading with Emotional Intelligence course, and it was without a doubt the most valuable and insightful course I have ever participated in. The course was packed with relevant and detailed information that really helped me to get to know myself better and understand how to work with others effectively. This course has helped me so much personally, with my relationships and with my business. If you are thinking of booking a place on this course, I would say go for it! You get value throughout the course.”
    Lucrecia P, Business Owner, United Kingdom