Train the Trainer Certificate Programme

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Learn the EQ skills, train the EQ skills, coach the EQ skills…

Wondering how to facilitate a life-changing accredited EQ course for your colleagues in your organisation, or for your clients, and excel as a certified EQ trainer and coach?

Our Train the Trainer Certificate Programme is your opportunity to empower and inspire people to unlock their EQ, which is fundamental to personal and business success.

If you are an HR professional, inhouse trainer, freelance facilitator, leadership consultant, life coach, business coach, or wellness professional this is your chance to train our EQ Masterclass Series for customer interfacing staff, knowledge workers, professionals and parents and our Leading with Emotional Intelligence Series for supervisors, managers, executives and directors.

After completing either of our courses, your learners and clients will:

  • Gain profound awareness of their own and others' thoughts, emotions, and behaviours.
  • Access a rich repository of tools and insights including research-backed reading material, practical life-changing exercises, and engaging video lectures on our eLearning platform.
  • Enhance their self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management and self-motivation skills.
  • Improve their internal and external locus of control through practiced skills.
  • Communicate more confidently and empathetically.
  • Learn to manage conflict and change effectively in personal and professional realms.
  • Develop robust self-leadership and team-leadership skills.
  • Find inspiration to achieve personal and professional goals.

What you receive on the programme:

  • Online EQ Assessment to identify your EQ strengths and development areas.
  • 30 EQ Strategies that will change your life! eBook by Richard Cullinan.
  • 3 ½ day intensive virtual or in person training with Richard Cullinan (6 x 3-hour Leading with Emotional Intelligence Series sessions and 1 x 3-hour session on Train the Trainer). 
  • EQ Masterclass eLearning Series, Leading with Emotional Intelligence eLearning Series and Train the Trainer eLearning Series on our eLearning platform. 
  • Train the Trainer Certificate Programme written assessment.
  • 90 minute online practical assessment and coaching.  
  • 2 x facilitator guides (EQ Masterclass Series in person and virtual course and Leading with Emotional Intelligence in person and virtual course).
  • 2 x beautifully designed and illustrated slide decks
  • 2 x course manuals.

Once you have completed your written assessment and submitted it to eq4me for marking, we will book you for your practical assessment. 

When you complete your practical assessment, we will send you a report with coaching notes to help you be the best EQ facilitator and coach you can be!  

Upon achieving a 70% pass mark for your written assessment and practical assessment combined you will receive your CPD Certificate of Attendance (39 hours/39 CPD points)‎ and‎ your eq4me Train the Trainer Certificate of Competency.

This will qualify you to train our two groundbreaking EQ courses to your colleagues in your organisation or to your clients anywhere in the world.

How we work with you after you graduate:

When you enrol your learners or clients on either the EQ Masterclass Series or Leading with Emotional Intelligence Series, they will receive the following resources, support, and certification from eq4me:

  • Online EQ Assessment to identify their EQ strengths and development areas. 
  • 30 EQ Strategies that will change your life! eBook by Richard Cullinan
  • EQ Masterclass eLearning Series or Leading with Emotional Intelligence eLearning Series depending on which course you are training.
  • To qualify for their CPD Certificate of Attendance they will need to attend all 6 virtual or in-person training sessions, which account for 18 hours (18 points) of CPD. 
  • To increase their CPD hours by another 18 hours they will need to get 70% or more in their written assessment at the end of the course.
  • If your clients or learners attend all their virtual or in-person sessions and achieve 70% or more in their eLearning series, they will receive their CPD Certificate of Attendance (36 points) and their eq4me Certificate of Comptency

License fee per learner or client:

EQ Masterclass eLearning Series@ R1 499 per learner or client

Leading with Emotional Intelligence eLearning Series @ R1 499 per learner or client

When you enrol a learner for either of our EQ courses, we will provide you with a coupon they can use to access their eLearning course on our eLearning platform. The license fee per learner covers the cost of their eLearning course.

We make your EQ training and coaching interventions as easy as possible for you by providing your learners and clients with all their digital learning resources, including, downloadable readings and exercises, engaging video lectures and animations, assessments and practical tools, qualified assessment services and CPD certification so that you can focus on delivering unforgettable and meaningful EQ training and coaching experiences!   

Client Feedback

“I think everyone on this email will say the same, you have made a huge impact in our lives.”
Sharon Unwin, Operations Manager, Great Plains Conservation

Richard is one of the best trainers in the country. People are highly motivated when they leave the training.”
Toniel Marais, Team Leader, Nedbank

“My best trainer so far! Very empowering, motivational, and great content delivery.”
Arthur Simba, Learning and Development Manager, Barclays

“Outstanding facilitator, really brilliant!”
Gerald Ndlovu, Training Manager, South African Institute of Chartered Accountants

“The Leading with Emotional Intelligence programme proved to be an excellent experience for me, my family, and my business. Sometimes in life, we think, “if only I had known that, then I could have handled myself better or made effective decisions.” Authentic, unforced, and expertly coached by Richard Cullinan, the Leading with Emotional Intelligence programme led me through well-structured exercises and discussions. Always supported by thoroughly researched reading materials. A timely nudge to anyone who is curious about extending their capabilities. The programme is changing the course of my future in a very sensible way.”
Stephen W, Business Owner, United Kingdom

“There is no doubt in my mind that Emotional Intelligence training is something that every individual and workplace should embrace. Once again, I would like to thank you for this fascinating journey. I am so delighted and honoured to have met you.”
Hala S, Business Owner, Lebanon 

“I took the Leading with Emotional Intelligence course, and it was without a doubt the most valuable and insightful course I have ever participated in. The course was packed with relevant and detailed information that really helped me to get to know myself better and understand how to work with others effectively. This course has helped me so much personally, with my relationships and with my business. If you are thinking of booking a place on this course, I would say go for it! You get value throughout the course.”
Lucrecia P, Business Owner, United Kingdom